What a shame … you flake!

I lodge at my cousin’s, and she informed me, that her son, his wife, and their 3 year old would be coming to dinner this evening.  So, yesterday (Tuesday) I prepared a lovely vegetarian meal in their honour.  It was also a chance for us to wish my cousin’s son a happy 40th Birthday, I had messaged him to ask what his favourite cake was.

I made sweet bean pie – which is 3 bean shepherd’s pie, I use sweet potato as the topping, flavoured with garlic, cinnamon and ginger, salt and pepper.  Served with corn on the cob, done in the oven, wrapped in foil, seasoned with salt and pepper.


I also made a caramel cake for the son, as that was one of the cakes he listed as it as one of his favourites.

I had a “gut feeling” that they would cancel, whilst I was slaving away over the hot glass hob!

I have read, quite recently that our gut instincts should be listened to, as it always proves to be right….. as I was right on this occasion.  2 hours before they were meant to arrive, my cousin received a phone call saying they were not coming due to vehicle problems.

So, there is caramel cake going begging!  I have taste tested it, and it is awesome

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Sunday morning

I have got half an hour or so of down time, before I must crack on with a list of tasks that I want to achieve today.

After the demise of my elderly lady that I used to care for, as her companion/live in carer, I have found it incredibly difficult to find self employed work, either as a companion/carer or virtual pa admin person.

I have also relocated from where I used to live in Hertfordshire, for a good portion of my life, up to Worcestershire.  My cousin, runs a business and  her marriage had broken down, so the plan was formed on her sofa, in December.  As a joke I said to her, “Now your husband has moved out, I can move in”  She didn’t bat an eyelid.  She said, “Yes, that would be brilliant”. I relinquished the keys of my social housing flat end of June.

We do a trade swap.  I do housekeeping, and jobs round her business property to help out and a bit of house and dog sitting, which is fine by me.

I have bits and bobs income wise, but nothing really substantial.  I need to pay the debts off, that I accrued whilst being on Universal Credit.

So, yesterday, as part of the trade swap, I swept the car park of the business… and earlier this year I sorted out the flower bed.  The place looks pukka…. but more leaves have fallen over night, but that is to be expected at this time of year.


That was my morning shift of work.  I got busy in the afternoon too.

The afternoon was also very productive.  After I had walked my cousin’s 3 dogs and my dog “up the back” avoiding the horses!  I started on my next project.



I shlapped four or five wheelbarrows full of dirt, earth, mud and dead weeds to the compost heap I am building.

Even if I say so myself, the results are good and a difference can be seen.  I now have to get the hammer and nails out to nail the boards back onto the stables to make it look neat, tidy and maintained.

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Thank you for reading and have an awesome day

New venture

After caring for an elderly lady, for six years on a self employed basis, I have had a turbulent ride – metaphorically speaking, trying to find a new venture.  Sadly, my little old lady died in March 2017, I knew what the outcome would be and that the role wouldn’t last forever.  She had a big impact on my life and family and I remember her everyday, some very good memories were made.  I thank her for that.

So, I have had to claim financial help from the government, that was an experience and a half!!

I have left the flat where I was living, moving from Hertfordshire up to Worcestershire to live with my cousin.  Not in the biblical sense, I hasten to add!

I am trying to get a new business venture off the ground, so I can pay my debts off.

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Self-employed … carer/companion

Carer/companion – Cressida Lewis – self employed offering a number of services, one being a companion/caring service enabling people to remain independent within the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

Having cared for an elderly lady for six years, taking her for country lane drives, or trips out for tea and cake, making meals, and if she wanted to have her friends over, I hosted them for her.

As her mobility reduced my role changed, becoming her carer. I bought her books to read, chocolate to eat, baked her cakes and got her CDs of her favourite music and also audio books. Helping with her personal care and more importantly making her laugh.

Over the six years she became a big part of my life, so much so that I am considered one of the family. The family trust me, and had peace of mind that their beloved mother was well cared for and safe in her own home when they were not around.

So, if you’re interested in the service please contact me on telephone 07876101490 or email Cressida@cressidalewis.com I live in Belbroughton, so a 6 mile radius or thereabouts.

References and testimonials will be supplied

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